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Through a newly developed national partnership, The51, Sandpiper Ventures, and other like-minded organizations are joining forces to unlock Canadian capital and invest it in Canadian female entrepreneurs and women-led companies.

Canada51 understands that when women are afforded equal opportunity to participate in the entrepreneurial field, not only will economic growth experience an unprecedented and deeply essential upsurge, but the social, political and environmental value generated by giving voice to women’s ideas, business models, products and services will be immeasurable.

We commit to: unlock female capital, increase women’s participation, build awareness and capacity, deliver economic value and influence policy change.

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Canada51 was initiated through a partnership between Sandpiper Ventures and The51. Our intention is to gather like-minded organisations and individuals to quickly and radically increase women’s participation in the innovation-driven economy. We’re unlocking opportunities that will deliver unprecedented, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

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