“We know that doing side hustle after side hustle can be mentally and physically draining. We are providing a platform that allows those that are often left behind to be apart of the Gig Economy by making a fair wage”

Bobbie is the Founder and CEO of Virtual Gurus, a Talent as a Service platform that matches its users with Canadian and US-based virtual assistants and freelancers via a proprietary matchmaking algorithm, and curated client success managers.

Recently named both Canada’s Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Prairies Region by Startup Canada, Bobbie is an unstoppable force in the Canadian startup community. She is a Cree-Metis woman who prides herself on building an inclusivity-first company, championing for indigenous people and the LGBTQ+ community. She is a natural leader, sharing her passion by mentoring First Nations Youth who have demonstrated interest in Tech and Business.

Virtual Gurus is a part of the Gig economy with its Virtual Assistant (VA) Marketplace that matches businesses and entrepreneurs with onshore (North American) freelancers using a proprietary algorithm. Servicing clients from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations, clients can select their own dedicated VA based on their needs, or build a fully remote team to manage more complex back-office needs. That Virtual Assistant is shared amongst multiple businesses, therefor filling up her/his day while being a cost-effective solution for the business

The platform provides work to marginalized folks. 98% of its contractors identify as female, 65% are people of color, while 35% identify as LGBTQ+ with more than 6000 in its database. (Active and non-active)

Forbes announced Virtual Gurus as being one of the top 19 Innovative Tech Startups to watch at Startup Global Grind in 2019. Virtual Gurus launched it’s online training academy in 2018 and will soon launch a by-the-task Slack app called Ask Betty.

Remote work has become increasingly common over the last several years, and now with COVID-19, many organizations have had to shift to working from home. In the past, companies have had issues with bringing in a virtual assistant or freelancer because they had a hard time properly onboarding them. After this, companies will have a better understanding of how to work effectively with remote team members, both employees, and freelancers and most will make the decision to keep working remotely. We have experienced massive growth during COVID-19, we spend a lot of our time helping other businesses who have been affected by showing them how to work remotely.

We believe there will be a new wave of the Gig economy, call it the second wave.

Another trend that we would like to see is outsourcing work to onshore workers. Because of the current economic crisis, many of our fellow Canadians have been laid off. It is critical for our economic growth to keep jobs here so that people can provide for themselves and their families.

Platforms like ours will make it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to utilize a TaaS solution while on the go.

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