Harleen Kaur

“In news, there is no silver bullet or single infallible publication. Our best option is to look at a variety of different perspectives and synthesize them ourselves”

The biggest trend in the News industry is ‘Multi-source’: consumers going to more and more sources to get their news. With the explosion in the number of news sites, news is more readily available than ever and it is hard, if not impossible, for any one publication to fill all of a consumer’s news needs across interests, formats, and geographies. With the issues of trust in news, not only are people going to multiple news sources for different stories, but also for the same story to get different perspectives and form their own opinion.

Ground News is the world’s first News Comparison Platform. Collecting news from over 50,000 publications across the world and across the political spectrum, Ground News shows the same news story as covered by local, regional and foreign outlets both with left-leaning and right-leaning perspectives. With the Ground News Pro subscription, news consumers can get deeper coverage analysis on news highlighting bias, and showing the timeline and geopolitical coverage of each story. The app is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About Harleen Kaur

Ground News’ founder Harleen Kaur is a former NASA satellite engineer. Harleen realized that we can use satellite technology to monitor every square foot on the planet, but we can’t agree on what’s happening in the world. With the problems of misinformation, political bias, and sensationalism undermining public trust, Harleen decided to jump in and bring rocket science grade tech to the news industry.

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